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Buckleys Earthworks & Paving wherever possible, in all of it’s current and prior contracts, purchase goods / services and labour from within the local area. This enables us to deliver a quality product / service to our client at reasonable prices.

Buckleys Earthworks specialises in providing cut and fill earthworks for residential, commercial and industrial developments including bulk excavations for basement constructions.

Some of our services include:

Site Preparation

Buckley’s Earthworks & Paving has extensive experience in every aspect of site preparation for the constructions of roads, drainage systems and paving. We are known for our integrity and finish the projects successfully by the optimum application of latest techniques and advanced tools and machinery. Our proficient and highly skilled employees complete any minor or major project with a 100% success rate. All our employees are well-trained, qualified, experienced, extremely hardworking and strive to excel and surpass their efforts for every project. We believe that commitment to quality and pride in work will help us achieve our goals and will be mutually beneficial to our company and to our clients.

Bulk Earthworks

Since its inception in the year 2004, Buckley’s Earthworks & Paving has completed multiple earthmoving projects across Western Australia and Northern Territory. We have appointed skilled employees who offer high-end services regarding bulk earthwork targeting the sectors of construction, heavy industry, mining and agriculture. We are headquartered in Mandurah, and also have a depot in Derby and the company has extensive knowledge of the remote and rural region and the associated soil type especially in the WA wheatbelt and the northern Kimberley regions. Our employees apply their good judgement and practicality to solve the practical problems.

Remote Construction Camp

Buckley’s Earthworks and Paving has a fully self-contained construction camp comprising 14 bedrooms inclusive of  individual air-conditioning and fridges, single beds, desk and cupboard, two fully fitted out air conditioned kitchens, ablution, toilet and laundry facilities and remote power and water supplies for operating these remote camps, Having these facilities enables Buckley’s Earthworks and Paving to undertake remote road construction or gravel road maintenance with the minimum of lead up time and ensures all employees undertaking works in remote areas to have the knowledge that accommodation is fully compliant with the latest OHS standards.

Road Construction

Our Kimberley depot has been working in Derby for the past 11 years and we offer a full suite of services to the Kimberley region in the sector of civil construction. In fact, we have successfully completed some prestigious civil construction projects in the area. Our clientele includes both private parties and the bodies of local as well as state governments.    

Gravel Re-Sheeting

Buckley’s Earthworks & Paving has an excellent track record to finish the projects of road re-sheeting. We have proficiency in gravel re-sheeting. Our technically sound team applies the resheeting process to sections of the road which has become degraded due to extensive wear and tear or climatic conditions. The entire process is sub-divided into methods of tyning, spreading of the new gravel sheet and compaction and final grade.


Our company specialises in construction of sewer, concrete and open stormwater drainage.  Our teams are professional and capable ensuring the finished product is completed on time and to the clients requirements.

Rock Pitching

Our proficient team of employees stabilises the embankments with the help of stone pitching. It is one of the most effective and affordable methods of embankment. With most of the shires, any effort in relation with embankment stabilisation needs a detailed drawing.

Lime / Cement Stabilisation

We are a specialist in the stabilisation of lime and cement for pavement construction. We apply this process to improve the properties of the original site materials. This process is necessary to stabilise the clay or inferior gravel materials for the prevention of failures. The use of these binders is to enhance the strength and durability of the pavement

Asphalt and Bitumen Paving

Buckley’s Earthworks & Paving is a proficient asphalt and bitumen paving service. The asphalting, patching and paving projects cover the sector of civil construction being all types of bitumen or asphalted highways roads or access ways, undertake the construction and bitumen or asphalting of airport facilities both airside and landside.

Construction of Sewage Ponds

For effective waste water management in the sectors of mining and heavy industries and remote communities or camps, we construct sewage ponds. Our teams have the expertise to construct sewage ponds in the remote rural areas Western Australia and Northern Territory.

Traffic Management

Buckley’s Earthworks and Paving is an accredited traffic management company that is able to undertake traffic management duties on MRWA or Shire controlled roads. We have qualified Advanced and Basic Traffic Managers as well as accredited traffic controllers and are able to undertake the compilation of traffic management plans and in field traffic management. We have dedicated and compliant traffic management vehicles and a full suite of compliant signage and other traffic management devices.

Quality, OHS and Environmental assurance

Buckley’s Earthworks and Paving have committed themselves to an advanced level of servicing for the construction industry into the future by having third party certification for the companies complete Integrated Management System which conforms to the requirements of

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems, Certificate Number BEP Q02-CCQ02
  • ISO45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Certificate Number BEP Q02-CCWW01
  • ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems, Certificate Number BEP Q02-CCE02

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