Cogeneration Plant at Alcoa, Wagerup

Service Contract    
Engaged with a small crew of men and plant to complete minor earthworks, roadworks etc. as required.
Commenced:  14th November 2006
Completed:     31st March 2008

Fencing & Tree Clearing  
Stripping and clearing of the area in preparation for the construction of the contractor’s car park.
Commenced:  April 2006

Contractors Car Park    

This contract involved, top soil stripping, storm water drainage demolition and removal of materials, bulk earthworks, roads
and car park and ditches.
Commenced:  May 2006

Bulk Earthworks  
This contract involved, stripping of the top soil, initial storm water drainage, demolition and removal of materials, bulk earthworks, final storm water underground drainage, roads, spoon drains, hardstands and ditches.
Commenced:  June 2006

Bulkwest Engineering Pty Ltd

We have worked on various sites for BWE throughout the Wheatbelt.  This work has involved the upgrades of the storage facilities and has included the following, clearing, bulk earthworks, underground drainage and electrical, roadworks, open cut drainage, stone pitching, road sealing, line marking, kerbing, signage and dams.  Please find below a brief breakdown of sites and the value of the works:

Bibra Lake Yard Upgrade – May 2005   
Borden – June 2005       
Beacon – August 2005       
Bodallin – August 2005       
York – August 2005       
Koorda – August 2005       
Bulyee – September 2005       
Critical Bulkhead Repairs – September 2005   
Doodlakine – September 2005   
Kellerberrin – September 2005   
Cadoux – September 2005       
Bibra Lake – May 2006       
Merredin – May 2006       
Bulyee – September 2006       
Cadoux – September 2006       
Brookton – September 2007   
York – March 2008       
Brookton – May 2008       
Dowerin – May 2008       
Pingrup – October 2008       
Dumbleyung – October 2008   
Nyabing – October 2008       
Cranbrook – October 2008       
Regans Ford – April 2009

Shire of Halls Creek

Duncan Road Floodway
Commenced:  September / October 2007

Ruby Plains Floodway
Commenced:  October 2007

Centre for Appropriate Technology
Malarabah Region       
Maintenance Grading of Aboriginal Access Roads
Commenced:  April 2009

Yakanarra Community       
Construction of concrete car park and tank pad
Commenced:  April 2009

Ngallagunda Community       
Drainage works
Commenced:  June 2008

Balgo Aboriginal Community   
Waste management pit works   
Commenced:  September 2007

Mulan Aboriginal Community
Waste management pit works

BGC Contracting

Hire of Rollers       
Road Maintenance

Georgiou Group

Kununurra Lakeside Development

ECO Constructions

Ashley Grove Subdivision, Derby   
Earthworks and roadworks
Commenced:  February 2008

Kerman Contracting Pty Ltd
Iluka Resources Ltd – Capel   
Earthworks & Drainage for weighbridge
Commenced:  7th May 2007

Kerman Contracting Pty Ltd (Contd.)
Iluka Resources Ltd – Capel   
Launder upgrade and construction of drainage
Settlement ponds.
Commenced:  October 2005

Iluka Resources Ltd – Capel   
Installation of approximately 3km of culvert pipes and
5 culvert crossings, including stabilisation and rock
pitching to batters and approaches.  Construction of
pad with an asphalt seal.
Commenced:  2004

Shire of Derby-West Kimberley

Fairfield Road       
Gravel Resheet
Commenced:  April 2008

Gee Gully Road       
Gravel Resheet
Commenced:  April 2008

Fossil Downs       
Gravel Resheet
Commenced:  January 2008

Johnson Street, Derby   
Road Reconstruction
Commenced:  December 2007

Coleman Street   
Road Reconstruction
Commenced:  December 2007

Christmas Creek       
Construction of a concrete river crossing.
Commenced:  October 2006

Gravel Road Maintenance   
Road maintenance of gravel roads within
Kimberley region

Russ Road Reseal   
Bitumen reseal of Russ Road

Derby Intersections Reseal       
Bitumen reseal of various intersections within Derby

Camballin – Myroodah Roads Reconstruction   
Commenced:  September 2008

Guildford Road       
Roadworks reconstruction with new seal
Commenced:  April 2009  

Department of Environment and Conservation

Lennard Gorge       
Car park redevelopment
Commenced:  May 2009

Purnululu National Park       
Maintenance roadworks within the National Park
Commence:  October 2008

Purnululu Nation Park       
Maintenance grading of roads and firebreaks
Within the National Park
Commence:  October 2008

Department of Housing and Works

Bayulu Community       
Civil maintenance works
Commenced:  June 2008

Muludja Community
Civil maintenance works
Commenced:  June 2008

Fitzroy Valley Learning Centre   
Siteworks & Roadworks
Commenced:  June 2008


Derby Aged Care Facility       
Site earthworks & concrete works
Commenced:  December 2008

FESA Collocated Facility 
Site earthworks
Commenced:  January 2009

Department of Planning & Infrastructure (NT Government)

Tjukaruru Road Upgrade (Alice Springs Region)   
Upgrade of various sections of road approx. 27km
Commenced:  April 2009